With the Consumer Directed Health Care Conference (CDHCC), the National Health, Wellness, Prevention & Fitness Congress (NHWPC), The Consumer and Patient Enabling Technologies Conference (TCAPET), The Consumer Direct Access to Healthcare and Retailization Congress (CDAHRC), The Marketing to the New Health Care Consumer Conference (MTNHCC), and the Boomers Business Conference (BOOMERS) all descending on Washington DC for the next week, I thought it would be interesting to share some past presentations and panel discussions from the people shaping the future of the US healthcare landscape.

To register for the conferences, please visit Consumer Health World. If you can’t make any of the conferences, come back to ScribeMedia to find out how to buy the conference multimedia, which will all be available online. We’re filming and recording audio from all conference tracks and sessions.

Steve Case, ex-CEO of AOL/Time Warner, and co-founder of Revolution Health Group(RHG), one of the countries brighest innovators, spoke at the Consumer Directed Health Care Conference about his plans to create a revolution in the way American’s get health care.

Noting a rise in personal spending on health care by consumers, he predicts a future where the individual(not health insurers or corporations) will demand better health care delivery and increased efficiency in the market.

His company has acquired several businesses that he believes will be important in a consumer directed health care world. These include retail health clinics, on-line health portals, and resort spa’s and wellness centers.

Steve Case talks about his interest in health care and Revolution’s plan to reshape the US health care system.

Esther Dyson talks about the future of healthcare venture capital.

Consumer Driven Healthcare Plan experts provide strategies and case studies to maximize CDHP adoption within the organization.