Important things first: This is about leukemia and if you want to find out how you can help, you can do so by visiting the Linked Against Leukemia Web site.

A little background: DKMS is the world’s largest non-profit bone marrow donor center and the organization approached us to create the public service announcement you’re watching above.

Backed by cosmetics giant Coty, Inc., DKMS is raising awareness about the value of joining their potential donor roster. The proposition is easy, simply give a teaspoon of blood.

If you match with a leukemia patient, the 45 seconds it takes to donate could save a person’s life. You can learn more about the process at the DKMS Web site.

We had the opportunity to see this in action at DKMS event held in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Much of the footage above is from it (go Batman!). The community came together in support of a five-year-old leukemia patient named Gage Dole.

Amazingly, Gage isn’t even from Charlestown but the town’s residents adopted him and his family when they came to Massachusetts from Oregon for treatment. The story of our Massachusetts visit isn’t so important. What is is finding matching donors for kids like Gage.

We ask those of you who’ve been amused, bemused and on occasion inspired by the videos we post here each week to take some time and visit Linked Against Leukemia.

If you are wondering what you can do to help in the fight against leukemia & lymphoma (since blood cancer is a disease that can be beaten with a little help from our friends), get yourself tested (blood test, only a teaspoon needed) to see if you match any of the millions of people looking for bone marrow donors. Snowflakes may never match, people do.

Once you match, giving bone marrow is literally as easy as lying on a hospital bed watching TV and having an IV hooked up to each of your arms. Blood circulates out of your body through one arm, through a filter, and back into your body in the other arm. The filter collects bone marrow (which your body constantly resupplies). The bone marrow is then used to save someone elses life. You just saved a life. It’s that easy. You sat on a bed for 4 hours watching TV.