The way we build Web applications is rapidly changing. As developers, we need a new set of baseline skills to keep up amidst a plethora of XML, SOAP, JSON, and other types of information services which are being exposed, consumed, mashed up and processed in new and innovative ways. And it’s not just happening with Google and Craigslist, but also within businesses of all sizes.

In the video above, Kevin Hakman, Product Director for TIBCO General Interface, discusses new Web architectures and how you can evolve the classic three-tier Web application model toward a full service-oriented application stack complete with AJAX Rich Internet Application GUIs to deliver a new generation of more powerful, more scalable, and more richly featured Web applications.

About Kevin Hakman

Kevin Hakman, author of The Four Quantum States of AJAX, is product director for TIBCO General Interface, the award winning Enterprise AJAX and Rich Internet Application framework and toolkit. Kevin pioneered AJAX in the enterprise co-founding General Interface in 2001. Since that time General Interface (a.k.a. “GI”) has been powering Web applications that look, feel and perform like desktop applications, but run in the browser at Fortune 500 and US Government organizations. General Interface was also the first to use its own toolkit to provide full visual tooling for AJAXsolutions when it released it’s 2.0 version in 2003. TIBCO Software Inc. acquired General Interface in 2004 to extend its vision for service oriented applications to the end user. Kevin is a contributing author to the Web Services Journal and the AJAX Developers Journal.

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