In the fall of 2006 at MIPCOM, the television industry was looking toward broadband delivery of video content as “the next new thing.” Since then, everyone has seen the remarkable interest from the public in all things digital, especially in marketing, advertising, and simply as a new platform which gives the viewer more personalized options. However, it has become difficult for the industry to keep up with the demands of the public, leaving us with nagging questions, such as:

  • What programming works?
  • How do you monetize it?
  • How do the content creators/producers get compensated?
  • As a new multi-platform universe that can’t be ignored, how does the production community make it financially viable?

The internet is a new distribution platform for original programming, and it is now mandatory for producers today to learn the process in order to make this new market viable. Networks are commissioning “direct-to-web” programming, and a major hit with viewers could lead to a television series.


Lou Wallach, SVP of Development, Comedy Central, East Coast and all broadband development
Paul Levine, SVP, National Geographic Ventures
Todd Broder, producer of approximately 80 webisodes for various broadband entities.
Tarah Feinberg, Director, Creative Development, Savar Media, LLC

Moderated by Mathew Tombers, Managing Director, Intermat, Inc. Launched in 1999, the company has been intimately involved in helping media companies in development, sales and strategic alliances.