Things are definitely heating up in the iPhone space. I’m sure I’ll be posting more regarding it, because I’ve been hacking mine to Helen Bach.
No relation to Barbara Bach, and doesn’t look good in Daisy Dukes.

Anywho, I made this quick video after installing the iPhone Synth via ModMyiFone’s entry in

It’s very much like Propellerhead’s ReBirth (remember that one?) and other step-sequencers. I tried to demonstrate how some of it works but my big sausage fingers +plus+ trying to face my MacBook’s cam just proved more challenging than I thought.

What’s cool about it is that not only can you set each note in each step of the sequence, but the type of oscillator per note (ie square, sine or white noise for snares/claps), the volume of each step, and you’ve got 3 octaves to choose from.

But that’s not the best part – as shown in the video, it’s using the iPhone’s accelerometer to mess with the filters – the cutoff and resonance.

Now PLEASE someone, create this app:
(I’d be happy to video blog it and do the ui)

I’ve been a programmer for …ack… a long time, but have been much afeared about getting into the ObjectiveC world (though the updates to 2.0 or RubyCocoa might make it easier for me). I’ve been a musican/studio owner since…well for a long time; with a mind bent toward the techside since my own multitrack studio since 85… With this in mind, if I was to find some intrepid Obj-C developer interested in teaming up…

Multiple iPhones can run an application that would both send the accelerometer information as well as multitouch x/y to a Mac running another server location, which would translate that information into midi and be capable of being assigned to midi controllers in Ableton Live, or Reason.

What I’d envision is a network of small little ‘Reactable‘ devices. It’s necessary that each iPhone that is running the iPhone software would be able to be a new controller — imagine a group of people controlling different aspects of one host song that a laptop musician would be the main creator.


I’ve got a few ideas after seeing recent videos for the ProTools controller, and have installed he akaRemote, but the latter doesn’t exactly do what I envision…