Keen to prove his green credentials and 21st century savvy, His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales opted to address those gathered for the World Future Energy Summit via hologram.

Prince Charles made a convincing case for his virtual proxy, noting that if he had chosen to appear in person, his long-haul flight to Abu Dhabi would have emitted around 15 tons of carbon dioxide.

In his speech, Prince Charles underscored the importance of utilizing the world’s natural resources responsibly and sustainably, as well as developing clean technologies and future energy sources.

Prince Charles went on to note that these technologies and techniques would obviously take time and inevitably require considerable resources to develop. But, Prince Charles hastened to add that Abu Dhabi was blessed with more natural resources than most, making it suitable for leadership initiatives such as MASDAR, a global cooperative platform concerned with energy security, climate change and sustainable human development

The Prince of Wales made mention that MASDAR was already working on a 100 Mw solar thermal power plant, with the potential to scale up to 500Mw considering Abu Dhabi’s geographical location, resources and the area’s growing demand for renewable energy.

In conclusion, Prince Charles reasserted that this generation, not future generations, is responsible for handling the interrelated issues of climate change and future energy development. With less than 10 years to slow, stop and reverse greenhouse gas emissions (according to the NASA’s James Hansen), the specter of His Royal Highness stressed that these issues must be addressed with the utmost urgency.

With that final notion and after giving considerable thanks to his audience, the moving image of the Heir Apparent dissipated into ethereal nothingness, setting the stage and upping the ante for future speakers at the World Future Energy Summit.

Curtiss P. Martin is the Clean Technology Editor at ScribeMedia in New York who looks forward to attending future events via hologram.