In June of 2007, Chris Anderson (author of The Long Tail) announced his next book would be “Giving It Away: Free Lunch or Unrealized Opportunity?” In his new book, Anderson will argue that publishers should not be stingy in giving Web users free content because the Internet was developed under a “philosophy of free.”

Almost a year later, many publishers are still wrestling with this concept.

In the rocky business landscape of the current economy, it may be a little hard for any publisher to think about giving anything away for “free”. As a matter of fact, since the Web 2.0 surge began, content creators have been testing every idea they could think of to attach a dollar sign to their digital businesses.

But maybe they shouldn’t bother…

If the future of the web is indeed “free”, will those that embrace it sooner be able to reap the most rewards?

The SIIA Brown Bag Lunch, “Pricing and the Internet, New Rules?” is meant to address just this question. How does one appeal best to a mass audience and turn a profit?

Until Anderson’s book is released, we may not have all the the research or insights to make a final decision. But until then, I’ll be happy with reading the first few chapters of “Free”… for free!