More slimy, green goodness in the news. Valcent CEO Glen Kertz is back in the lime light, talking with Mike Schneider of Bloomberg TV about algae-based biofuels.  Somebody get this man a speed date with Uncle Moneybags already! Then there’s the prospect of turning algae into…[wait for it]…ethanol…using seawaterl!? Ok Algenol, if I had an extra $850 million, I’d bite too. Maybe instead of desalination plants we can have seawater stills? Call it Algehol? It’d make the looming energy and food crisis much more palatable. Cute kid on the site, by the way. And yes, why aren’t we using seaweed to treat wastewater while making copious amounts of fertilizer and energy? C’mon science! We’re talking common sense here!!!