We had the pleasure of using an Edirol V440 HD video mixer and Edirol VC300 format converter in our live studio and we thought it would be cool to show you a bit about how it plays in our ecosystem. We use the Edirol mixer for many different types of projects that have one thing in common – live mixing of video and ancilliary imagery like photos, graphics, and power point overlays. We also use it as a launch pad control panel for our spacecraft – “ScribeExplorerOne” – it just has so many buttons and lights, how could you not?

We occasionally use the VC300 format converter when we want to bring our material into Final Cut as it is being mixed. The VC300 has frame sync options that help you adjust for the offset problems of anaolgue production (which is where the V440HD lives – in an analogue world), scaling and cleaning algorithms that actually work, and outputs in 1080/60i HDV, 1080/30P, 108024PsF, and a compartively ridiculous number of other formats. It even transcodes PAL – NTSC / NTSC – PAL on the fly. All very useful in a busy environment like ours, with multiple formats coming in and going out all the time. A good format converter is a must have in a busy joint like ours, and a good well built chintz-free solidly manufactured piece of mixing hardware is always appreciated – especially if it has excellent signal processing characteristics.

The only moan we have about the mixer is that it is in fact an analogue device, instead of a digital mixer with Standard Def and HiDef digital and analogue inputs. HD SDI and SDI would really step this boox up into the stratosphere for small to medium productions that need live mixing and multiple formats (houses of worship, schools, hotels, etc.)