I’m not a television person. Haven’t been one for years. I’m a news junkie though and 98% of everything I get is through the Web sites I read, the podcasts I download or the video clips and segments I hunt down.

I lose a bit because of this. I don’t get me needed sports fix and I haven’t watched Epic TV as a variety of cable shows could be known. In general though, all’s well and good picking and choosing my menu of mental digestibles to download, stream, watch and read. Hulu keeps my Family Guy/American Dad jones in check.

Yesterday’s inaugural, of course, was huge for the Internet set with millions parked mid-day in front of their computers.

Akamai, a content delivery network that powers CNN among others, reported a 54% spike in global Internet traffic, and said it had more than 7 million active simultaneous video streams going at one point in time.

Limelight, another CDN, announced 2.5 million streams and delivering 250 gigabytes of data per second.

(NewTeeVee has an extensive breakdown of the traffic surge.)

Despite these huge numbers, the Twitterverse was tweeting about how this site and that site and still yet another site were clogging and people couldn’t watch their streaming coverage.

We have large televisions here at Scribe though, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way than the group of us crowding into our control room to watch yesterday’s inauguration.

Big screen. Friends. Obama. Breathless crowds.

That’s the way it should have been.

I rarely if ever say it, but score one for TV.