In this power podcast/mini-doc, we follow members of the NYPD’s Air-Sea Rescue, Scuba and Emergency Service Units as they come together in a time of crisis, under dangerous inclement weather conditions, and help save 155 lives.

This production took us all over the city of New York. From a 55-foot scuba launch on New York Harbor, to the cobblestone streets of the West Side, to the piers, to Floyd Bennet Airfield, to sweeping aerial passes of the City skyline aboard a custom “Huey”.

Throughout it all we never ceased to be amazed by the candor and humility of of these professionals as they calmly cast themselves into harms way in order to aid their fellow citizens.

The piece was assembled from hours upon hours of original action footage and personal interviews, NYPD skycam and closed circuit security tapes, and archived news footage of the event.