Home Likes His Beer

1000 beer labels create one Homer. Marty.FM via Creative Commons/Flickr.

Good news for our New Orleans comrades who awoke today with a bit of the hangover: beer’s good for you. Or at least it could be.

A study of a hundred beers shows that the suds are a source of dietary silicon. Dietary silicon, in turn, is important for bone health. Non-dietary silicon makes our computer chips.

Now that that’s out of the way, here’s something surprising: a sizable portion of Super Bowl fans want more of Go Daddy’s faux lesbian kink. Akamai shows network traffic spikes after the Danika Patrick driven commercials aired. Like they’ve done in years past, Go Daddy invites viewers to visit its site to view unrated versions of their commercials.

More significantly, the Hollywood Reporter reports that Super Bowl XLIV is officially the most watched event in US history. An estimated 106.5 million viewers tuned in, nudging out the final episode of M*A*S*H (105.97 million) for the top spot.

The Tubes are still dissecting the ads with Audi’s eco-fascism coming out a loser. So too repetitive Dodge ads that suggest that men are beaten down by women except when it comes to their cars. If it’s a Charger that is.

Advertising firm Mullen and measurement agency Radian6 teamed up on something called BrandBowl to measure twitter reaction to the advertising fest. The results are still updated live. As I write this, Google, Doritos and Snickers have the top spots while Walt Disney brings up the rear. That’s not to say they’re the most popular, just that they have the most tweets.

For popularity, the results differ:

The most popular brands at the BrandBowl were McDonald’s, Dr. Pepper and Universal. Interestingly, none of these brands had the sheer number of tweets to break into the BrandBowl’s top ten—but the tweets about these brands were overwhelmingly positive.

In with beer, out with guacamole. An estimated 80 million pounds of avocados were consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. Lead avocado spokesman? Hall of Famer Joe Montana.