The Software-as-a-Service / Cloud Computing event at the offices of venture firm Greenhill SAVP featured Peter Coffee, who manages cloud initiatives. He focused on how cloud computing has already penetrated the enterprise, best practices in rolling out cloud technologies, and how small and large vendors can address new opportunities in this sector.

Immediately following Peter’s keynote, two cloud computing startup CEOs, who are emerging leaders in the cloud computing/Platform as a Service (PaaS) space, presented their views on the industry.

As we look back at some of the great innovations in B2B Software, the Software as a Service delivery platform will likely rank at the top. was an early pioneer of Software as a Service (SaaS), launched its online CRM tool in 2000 and generated a billion dollars in revenue 9 years later.

Today the on-demand model continues to evolve rapidly as the distinction between applications, data, and infrastructure blurs through the various components of Cloud Computing: from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to SaaS.

Topics from the discussion on cloud computing innovation include:

  • What are key business drivers in current economic climate behind cloud computing/PaaS adoption in the enterprise?
  • How is cloud computing allowing entrepreneurs to sell into areas previously dominated by large software/systems integrators?
  • How is cloud computing/PaaS bridging the divide between on-premise and SaaS applications?
  • Which areas of cloud computing innovation will be handled internally or with large vendors and what white space remains for cloud computing entrepreneurs?

Watch an interview with the two start-up CEOs on entrepreneurship.