The above video interview is from the ANA TV & Everything Video Forum.                               
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Barry Judge, CMO, Best Buy, spoke at the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) TV & Everything Video Forum about the company’s first ever Super Bowl Ad campaign.

As Barry wrote about his ANA presentation, his goal was, “to take the audience behind the scenes of the making of a Super Bowl commercial, and share all the incredibly valuable lessons we learned…and show the audience how that sausage got made “. He felt intimidated by his speaking slot immediately after Al Gore and right before NBA Commissioner David Stern.

Sadly, Barry was not intimidated by his interview with me right after his presentation. But we did talk shop, about everything from live big event ad campaigns to online video advertising and Best Buy’s adventures as a media company.

A lot of brands use a large stage such as the Super Bowl to announce something big or new. Best Buy was no different, announcing a Buy Back program, whereby a consumer can buy a phone or TV at a Best Buy, and the company will buy it back at a later date for a percentage of the purchase price.

Or, as Barry puts it in his slides, which I just noticed:

Hopefully Barry is appreciating all the earned media I’m sending his way!

The Buy Back Program allows people who fear buying a technology product, only to see it outdated 6 months later as newer models arrive in stores, to turn in the recently outdated model and receive store credit towards an upgrade to the new model.

The TV ad campaign, which features Ozzy Osbourne and Justin “I’ve had the same hair cut for the entire span of my Pop career” Bieber, aired during the Super Bowl to favorable consumer and industry reaction. You can watch the extended version here:

Best Buy isn’t stopping with TV. It realizes, as Judge explains, that, “video across platforms is extremely effective. Video on the Web is incredibly important.”

Best Buy does a lot of online video advertising, but not by just slapping an existing 30 second TV commercial as a pre-roll in front of online video. The company creates shorter 10 – 15 second ads for the online medium.

In addition to advertising against video programming on the Web, Best Buy recently launched Best Buy On, a media network of Best Buy produced programming that can be found both online and on screens placed around Best Buy stores. Look out Oprah.

Best Buy advertises on TV, online and produces in-house programming that it pushes out to the 500 million consumers who visit stores and the Best Buy Web site each year. It’s marketing strategy is to reach and engage consumers where they spend their time, across platforms and mediums – from TV to online, mobile, out-of-home and in-store.