The above video interview is from the Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement conference.

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Amid the myriad of impressions pushed to consumers each day, a basic problem for marketers is to understand how, when, and where consumers notice their brands and how these encounters contribute to purchase and sales. This is especially true when it comes to social media.

Ogilvy and ChatThreads took a comprehensive look at the business impact of integrated social media. We used ChatThreads BrandEncounters™ platform to track in real-time a sample group of Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) consumers’ exposure to a variety of owned, earned, and paid brand “touchpoints”. We also obtained pre- and post-tracking data on purchase.

We found that social media exposure – by itself and more broadly when combined with other types of media exposure such as out-of-home, PR or TV ads – is linked with 2-7x higher likelihood of consumption and actual spend increases for some QSR brands.

The key take-aways for brand marketers are that social media, especially when combined with other other media and marketing touchpoints, can impact bottom-line metrics; it is important to understand how best to combine the media in order to realize the benefit of these synergies; and tracking in real-time how consumers encounter brands provides insight into what drives actual consumer purchase behavior.