The above video interview is from the Advertising Research Foundation Audience Measurement conference.

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Lung Wang of Arbitron was at the ARF Audience Measurement Conference to explain the role of the Personal People Meter (PPM) in their research and measurement.

The PPM is a device that ‘listens’ for PPM encoded radio and television programs, or anything with a sound channel. When worn around, the PPM can identify and measure all the ads and programs that a test subject was exposed to during the course of the day.

Like Microsoft’s Natasha Hrizuk, Huang spoke about the powerful effects of combining multiple mediums when running an ad campaign– in this case, when combing radio and television. The PPM is able to track the same person’s exposure to all ‘encoded’ audio throughout the day.

The more accurate a measurement is, the more confidently Arbitron can answer the question “what real value did I get from spending my money on ‘X’?’

Currently, Arbitron and CIMM are working together on gathering data from a panel of subjects that will measure exposure to TV, internet, and mobile advertising.

Looking into the future, Huang revealed that Arbitron is very interested in measuring and gathering data from podcast listeners.