The above video interview is from the Effie Awards judging event in NYC.

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Brands acknowledge that there are better ways to reach and talk to customers than the techniques we’ve used in the past. For Barb Goose, EVP at Digitas, those goals are achieved by delivering insightful messages to highly targeted audiences with “in the moment” relevancy.

Goose sees the smartest companies thinking about targeting and retargeting to find the right people and delivering a personalized message. One-offs are less effective than smart, branded content used on multiple channels, such as social and mobile, in a consistent, integrated way.

In this interview, Goose illustrates her points with information on work with client Harley Davidson to encourage more women to ride its motorcycles. The engagement process starts with an understanding of who the women are and how they spend their days. The core messages seek to take away the scare factor for women, so Harley seeks women who ride and are in the target audience’s social circles to serve as active or passive influencers to facilitate sharing of the educational information.

Goose also speaks of the new definition of CRM. She cites companies pivoting their loyalty programs by going from an emphasis on points to integration of social, mobile and other channels. Databases, she comments, can be used in partnership with people’s behaviors with the goal of providing personal responses in real time.