The above video interview is from the Effie Awards judging event in NYC.

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Bryan Fuhr, SVP, Director of Strategy, Havas Digital is working with his clients to build their next generation platforms — hardware, software and content — to engage consumers and help those brands find greater economic value in their relationships.

Fuhr sees us as being past the point of experimentation with social media marketing. It’s a must for brands wanting to shift consumer preferences and be involved in conversation and culture. As social continues to expand as part of our marketing arsenals, Fuhr recommends “spreading your eggs” across multiple channels, based on where people are spending their time and what they are doing while they are there. Facebook is not the only player and Fuhr sees value in even the much-maligned MySpace for some of his clients.

Considering the near ubiquity of mobile devices, Fuhr observes an absence of mobile experimentation. Mobile success, he states, relies on content that is discoverable, readable, relevant, useful, meaningful and actionable.

Fuhr offers glimpses of Havas Digital’s work with Fidelity and Volvo as examples of the challenges in creating more robust assets in the digital space.