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The Channels focusses primarily on the business, technology and culture of digital media. RSS feeds for each are linked below.

  • Business: Business content includes media interviews, news and general coverage.
  • Technology: Technology content ranges from conversations and presentations from CTO’s, the inner workings of the Internet and digital distribution systems, as well as what’s new and what’s hot in the the world of digital media solutions.
  • Culture: Digital media is also digital culture and we interview, write about and report on the content makers and creatives across the digital landscape.

The Blogs

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  • MediaFool: Cultural instances of people and organizations using media in new and interesting ways. These include political videos, cultural mash-ups and ruminations about them.
  • Naked Media: The Blog that goes along with the show of the same name. Thoughts on media, advertising and digital strategy.
  • Peter’s Beard: Peter Cervieri’s deep thoughts on cooking, Sunday morning talk shows and the odds and ends he comes across here at ScribeMedia.
  • Scribe Gear: Cameras, storage, video software, and a host of hardware used to create your next audio, video and cinemagraphic masterpiece.

About RSS

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and once you select one of the links below, you can paste it into the Feed Reader of your choice to get updates whenever we publish.

While many Web browsers now support RSS subscriptions, some people like to have a separate Reader to handle their subscriptions.

To learn more about RSS, read this Wikipedia entry.