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  • iPad and iPhone to Support Flash?

    iPad and iPhone to Support Flash?

    Could it be? Steve Jobs has a change of heart.

  • Adobe Releases HTML5 Video Player Widget

    Adobe Releases HTML5 Video Player Widget

    Adobe pushes into HTML5 video by releasing a new point and click widget that uses Kaltura’s Open Source player.

  • Adobe Strikes Back

    Adobe Strikes Back

    Adobe launches a new ad campaign in its fight against Apple, and in an open letter, the company’s co-founders claim Apple is undermining the future of the Web.

  • What Does HTML5 Mean to Video Publishers?

    What Does HTML5 Mean to Video Publishers?

    Apple versus Adobe is just the beginning of the future of online video. Are you ready? Do you know what the stakes are?

  • Webcasting with Adobe Connect

    Adobe Connect is kind of like the Cadillac of webcast tools. And a Cadillac with all the options. It’s definitely geared towards the business market.

  • Live Video Webcasts with Ustream

    I’ve been saying for a while that 2009 will be the breakout year for live streaming video in the same way that 2005 was the year on-demand video came into its own. Here’s my interview with John Ham, CEO and co-founder of uStream.

  • A Conversation With NY Times Carpetbagger David Carr

    Amidst an uncertain landscape for newspaper publishers, The New York Times, the paper of record, continues to build a digital enterprise that includes an astonishing number of blogs (70); a continuous news feed (Times Wire), and a first-rate video operation that collectively brings 20 million or so unique visitors a month to

  • Shallow Thoughts – Avner Ronen, CEO, Boxee

    Avner Ronen was a recent guest on Naked Media and shared his vision of a future when creative content producers will produce films or episodic TV series inexpensively and generate revenue through advertising and pay-per-view.

  • Former Huffington Post CEO Tells All

    Register to attend our next live video webcast, a sit down interview with Betsy Morgan, former CEO of The Huffington Post and Avner Ronen, the opinionated founder of Boxee, a fast-growing media aggregation and social networking startup.

  • Audi Gets Behind Big Event Webcasts

    Brands are slowly but surely allocating a greater percentage of their marketing budgets to online initiatives. Even in a tough economy, when marketing budgets are shrinking across the board, a larger percentage of those budgets is going to online campaigns.