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  • In Pursuit of a More Efficient and Effective Media Strategy

    In Pursuit of a More Efficient and Effective Media Strategy

    The Future is Now: CBS research holds great promise for helping advertisers optimize their media buys within and across all media.

  • Making Online Videos Pay

    Making Online Videos Pay

    What will it take to make some money in online video? Wouldn’t we all like to know.

  • Ad Week Insights

    Data doesn’t lie, and new data will help convince large brands that online advertising is more effective than traditional advertising because it can reach target segments more accurately.

  • Live Video Webcasts with Ustream

    I’ve been saying for a while that 2009 will be the breakout year for live streaming video in the same way that 2005 was the year on-demand video came into its own. Here’s my interview with John Ham, CEO and co-founder of uStream.

  • Shallow Thoughts – Avner Ronen, CEO, Boxee

    Avner Ronen was a recent guest on Naked Media and shared his vision of a future when creative content producers will produce films or episodic TV series inexpensively and generate revenue through advertising and pay-per-view.

  • Former Huffington Post CEO Tells All

    Register to attend our next live video webcast, a sit down interview with Betsy Morgan, former CEO of The Huffington Post and Avner Ronen, the opinionated founder of Boxee, a fast-growing media aggregation and social networking startup.

  • The Vultures Circle

    It would be a bummer to be in Farah Fawcett’s shoes during her final weeks. Every news outlet has already cut together their hour long specials so they’d be ready for the, “Sad news, Farah Fawcett has died today. She was 62,” moment.

  • Contextual Media and Advertising

    The world is becoming an ever-growing contextual media and information experience. Consumers get to watch TV news shows that lean to the left or to the right depending on how they like it. And on the web, the degrees to the left and to the right can be calibrated down to the millimeter.

  • Digital Hollywood LA

    Register now to attend the live video webcast of the Digital Hollywood LA conference.

  • Strategic Relationships: Broadband TV & Advertising

    To understand the future of broadband is no longer a PC phenomenon. Broadband is how consumers will experience video. It is how they will communicate with each other via phone systems and mobile systems. Broadband is IPTV on TV sets. Broadband is an OnDemand video system delivered to your PVR.