Articles Using the "Current Events" Tag

  • Jeff Zucker NBC Universal Fireside Chat

    Jeff Zucker, President and Chief Executive, NBC Universal sits down with Ellen Pollock, Executive Editor, BusinessWeek, for a one-on-one conversation at the Digital Hollywood Media Summit

  • Cataclysms, Disasters and Snakes with Lou Marinoff

    When environments change due to cataclysms, mutations often become the solution to survival. What can companies learn from this observation? And what do Aristotle, Buddha and Confucius have to do with it?

  • Michael Wolff, Felix Dennis: Not Nuts

    Video: In the latest episode of Naked Media, media critic and Vanity Fair columnist and Burn Rate author Michael Wolff tells host Dorian Benkoil why he’s not crazy for launching yet another startup,, while Steven Kotok, general manager of Dennis’ The Week tells us why the Maxim publisher isn’t daft for sinking money into one more weekly news magazine.

  • Inside the NYPD Episode 9 – Police Academy Training

    VIDEO: No more is the image of the fat cop chomping on donuts in NYC. These men and women are trained to be the one of the greatest law enforcement agencies in the world, and it was my honor to get a first hand look at the process.

  • Building the Broadband Economy – ICF 2008

    Video: The Intelligent Community forum attracts a worldwide audience, interested in creating sustainable communities from the bottom up.

  • EU and the US in the Globalized Economy: Politics and Priorities

    EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson argues that whether it’s Obama or McCain, either will be the first US President whose foreign economic policy needs to face up to a fundamental shift of global economic and political power from West to East.

  • Inside the NYPD episode 7: The Bomb Squad

    Video: With bomb suits, bomb-sniffing dogs, remote-controlled robots, and nerves of steel, the NYPD Bomb Squad walks towards the suspicious package while all others run the other way.

  • Cars From the Sky: Cai Guo-Qiang at the Guggenheim

    VIDEO: A quick peak inside “I Want to Believe” – a show of Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang at the Guggenheim museum.

  • Looting the Iraqi National Museum

    Video: I set up in his office and recorded a genuine, dynamic interview about the looting of the Iraqi National Museum. I also learned why he had to leave the country, his home, and his career. While it was a valuable, educational experience for me, I feel like I only scratched the surface of this complex, historical, and still misunderstood event.

  • Anderson Cooper – Planet in Peril

    Video: We caught up with Anderson Cooper at the CMJ Film Festival to hear his approach to bringing “Planet in Peril”, the CNN special report on environmental issues, to life.