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  • Metrics 101 — Understanding and Using Measurement Data

    Metrics 101 — Understanding and Using Measurement Data

    Online professional development courses for media, publishing and advertising professionals.

  • 3D Television, Cash Machine or Idiot Box?

    3D Television, Cash Machine or Idiot Box?

    The once-mighty TV has fallen on hard times. No longer the center of the entertainment universe, TV is now just the largest screen in the house.

  • Interview: Anne Hunter, comScore

    Interview: Anne Hunter, comScore

    Advice for publishers when competing for Ad dollars from brand marketers.

  • Ad Week Insights

    Data doesn’t lie, and new data will help convince large brands that online advertising is more effective than traditional advertising because it can reach target segments more accurately.

  • Sports Loyalty in Advertising

    Showing a hated New York Yankee on a Boston sports Web site on the same day the Red Sox and Yankees begin a three day series is like showing a mouthwatering, char-broiled McDonald’s Big Mac in in a predominantly Hindu region of India. You just don’t do it.

  • Best Global Brands Summit

    In this panel, led by BusinessWeek’s Burt Helm, a group of marketing executives talk about building brand credibility and earning consumers’ trust in a recession.

  • Google: Experiments in Digital Creativity

    APIs, webcams, and video have all contributed to the success of digital campaigns, collaborations, and events. Andy Berndt, Managing Director, Google Creative Lab, explores innovation from within the Googleplex and beyond.

  • Shallow Thoughts – Avner Ronen, CEO, Boxee

    Avner Ronen was a recent guest on Naked Media and shared his vision of a future when creative content producers will produce films or episodic TV series inexpensively and generate revenue through advertising and pay-per-view.

  • Free, Paid, Rights and Rivalries: Betsy Morgan and Avner Ronen

    Avner Ronen, CEO of fast-growing media aggregation and social networking startup Boxee, doesn’t shy from speaking his mind, and he didn’t when he came by Naked Media.

  • Twitter as the New Nielsen

    Dave Morgan, CEO of Simulmedia, and former CEO of Tacoda, which was sold to AOL for about $250 million, recently caused a stir with an article he wrote in MediaPost titled, Could Twitter Replace Nielsen.
    In the article, Dave wonders whether, at some point, Twitter may prove to be an as or more effective, and certainly [...]