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  • Monetizing Original Web TV Programming

    Monetizing Original Web TV Programming

    There are no get rich quick schemes in the world of online video. Prepare to break a sweat and earn your money video producers.

  • Infographics: Mapping the Social Web

    Infographics: Mapping the Social Web

    A new map graphs the social web so that geographical landmass is equivalent to online activity.

  • YouTube and the Live Cricket Webcast

    YouTube and the Live Cricket Webcast

    Video Everywhere and the company’s massive webcast of the IPL cricket tournament a few months ago.

  • What Does HTML5 Mean to Video Publishers?

    What Does HTML5 Mean to Video Publishers?

    Apple versus Adobe is just the beginning of the future of online video. Are you ready? Do you know what the stakes are?

  • Haiti Before the Earthquake

    Haiti Before the Earthquake

    Three young filmakers spent five weeks in Haiti making a documentary. The result: a somber, joyous trip from Port Au Prince through to the countryside. Now more poignant than ever.

  • Ad Week Video

    We just finished day one of Ad Week. We’re working with Google / Youtube and Wharton Business School to produce a bunch of thought leader video interviews as well as video of various panel discussions from the four day event.

  • Entertaining Advertising vs. Entertainment Advertising

    In taking a look at today’s most creative advertising, like Crispin Porter’s Burger King Campaign, it is clear that entertainment companies are playing it too safe. The problem is systemic, entertainment has followed the same credo for years of fishing where the fish are, relying on the same customer base of frequent movie goers for its revenues.

  • All Video All The Time

    As video reaches into all sectors of the media space, content, the technology, the devices, the infrastructure, the entire way that companies and groups, large and small approach their work will and are now altering.


    A Conversation With Fred Seibert, President & Executive Producer, Frederator Studios
    The development of profitable digital media ventures relies as much on knowing when the next wave will hit as it does on creating sustainable revenue models. In some respects, the first decade of the 21st-century belongs to the media [...]

  • Internet Video, Advertising & Marketing

    Internet delivered video has not only entered the advertising space, it has invaded it and in a very short number of years, Internet delivered video will be a dominant entertainment and communications consumer medium.