Beetroot Powder for Erectile Dysfunction

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Beetroot powder is good for health, and some studies now show that it may help get rid of frustrating erectile dysfunction (ED) in many. It may not be the best remedy, but surely one of the safest treatments with lots of nutrients.

ED is a condition when a person cannot get an erection hard enough for satisfactory sex. It does not necessarily mean impotence. The prevalence of ED increases considerably with advancing age. Regretfully, due to lifestyle issues, it is even common among young adults (1).

Why and Who Should Choose Beetroot Powder for Erectile Dysfunction?

Many of those living with ED know how well Viagra or Cialis help. These are well known and effective remedies. Beetroot powder is not a replacement for these drugs, but it has its place in ED management.

The biggest reason to consider beetroot powder is that it may, in some cases, help get rid of mild ED completely. Natural remedies may help treat the root cause of such disease conditions. Viagra or Cialis may be an immediate solution to the problem, but they do not cure ED but are merely a temporary solution to the problem. Their effect lasts for a few hours, with no long-term benefits (2).

So, who should try this remedy? It is perhaps an excellent remedy for those living with mild to moderate ED. It may also be useful for those who can get an erection but have been struggling to get it hard enough lately. The earlier one starts using this remedy, the more probable to benefit.

Beetroot Powder Is Suitable for Vascular Health

It is vital to realize that ED, to a degree, is a vascular disease. Thus, those living with various conditions that have an adverse impact on blood vessels are more likely to have ED. It also means that steps taken to strengthen vascular health would help overcome ED (3).

ED is more common among those living with hypertension. This may be because high blood pressure reduces vascular elasticity and fastens their hardening. Which also disrupts the blood flow to the genitals, slows down the response to sexual arousal (4).

There is some research that regular and daily intake of beetroot juice may help reduce blood pressure. This, at least in theory, means that regular consumption of beetroot powder may help keep penile vessels healthy and help get rid of ED in the long run (5).

Interestingly enough, beetroot powder is not just good for men; it may also help women. Thus, sex partners can enjoy beetroot powder together, and using beetroot powder will become an enjoyable ceremony.

Beetroot Powder May Boost Nitric Oxide (NO)

Beetroot is amazingly rich in nitrates, and they get to NO. NO is a gas that is naturally produced in the internal layers of blood vessels, playing an essential role in their relaxation and dilation. Reduced production of NO is behind the development of ED, which means that boosting it helps improve the hardness of erection (6).

NO, and resulting vasodilation is even thought to be good for muscles, for preventing physical fatigue. It also increases physical endurance. Thus, in theory, beetroot powder may also help to have a longer sexual act without getting tired.

Though beetroot may not boost NO levels in the penis like Viagra or Cialis, it might have a long-term benefit. Moreover, it is entirely safe and nutritious for daily use.

Increased nitrate intake and improve the ability to produce NO by the body may also mean that beetroot powder may improve response to medications like Viagra. It may even help reduce the dosage of drugs used to treat ED.

Beetroot Powder Is Nutritious Too

Still unsure whether to use it or not? Then think about its nutritional value. After all, it is not a medication. It is rich in iron, potassium, manganese. It is also a good source of folate, vitamin C. It may also provide dietary fiber, thus helping keep the heart healthy and boosting vascular health (7).

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Some beetroot powders may have added vitamins and minerals or other beneficial compounds. It could be a great idea to have a glass of beetroot powder drink before sex. Even if it does not help, it is still a nutritious thing that is good for health.

How to Use Beetroot Powder for ED

Using natural remedies can be much more interesting than taking medications if one uses some imagination. Thus, one can add beetroot powder to smoothies, use it to color food products, prepare beetroot fettuccini, add to cupcakes. There are hundreds of beetroot powder recipes waiting to be discovered. Treatment of ED does not have to be boring or feel like a burden.

ED is a result of a wrong lifestyle choice. Thus, a way of getting the firm erection without medications is by changing the diet, starting exercise. It is better to give up alcohol, smoking, sugary drinks, processed food items, high salt food items. Beetroot powder could be part of that grand lifestyle modification plan.

Equally vital is to take care of mental health, focus on building self-confidence. One can do this by practicing mindfulness, even consulting a psychologist. It is also a good idea to use low dose Viagra or Cialis, as it would help get erection faster, and thus immediately boost self-esteem.

Do not let ED ruin your life and destroy self-esteem. Take steps proactively, experiment, use natural remedies, do not hesitate to use medications. Beetroot powder for erectile dysfunction fits nicely into the grander plan of regaining a hard erection and reigniting sexual life.