Phallosan Forte Review

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Penile traction devices, more commonly known as penis extenders, have been gaining popularity for years.

After all, it’s considered a medical breakthrough when dealing with the male organ and how using these devices can gain results that can match the same outcomes with surgery. For someone that has to deal with specific issues with their manhood and doesn’t want to resort to extreme measures, it’s worth looking at.

Of course, the most common way to resolve sex-related issues with men is to pop a pill. Whether that’s something to help with erectile dysfunction or low testosterone levels, however, as medicine and technology evolve, so do our choices when it comes to our health.

There is considerable research that already shows that the use of penis extenders is proven and effective. Data varies depending on each study. Some show that using these devices can gain you an additional one to two inches of length in just three months.

Other studies show a more specific result with a 32% to 36% increase within six months. The point is, penis extenders can be a great choice if you want to improve your sexual health and performance.

Now, there are a lot of devices out there on the market. In this review, we’re going to talk about Phallosan Forte and whether this device lives up to its reputation.

Phallosan Forte Review Summary

Before we dive deeper into the review, let’s take a quick summary of our verdict for Phallosan Forte.

The company behind Phallosan brands itself as a leader of innovation. Their product, Phallosan Forte, is an orthopedic device proven to be effective for natural penis enlargement, penis straightening, and penis extension. Here’s our short take on this device:


  • The device can help you naturally increase the length and girth of your penis up to a full inch after six months of use
  • The required time to wear the device is less compared to other penis extenders in the market.
  • Safe and comfortable to wear, even for overnight
  • All sizes can be accommodated
  • The device is invisible from the outside when worn under your clothes
  • Made with allergen-free materials


  • Phallosan Forte is designed to help your penis increase in size naturally, so there is a limit to the length that you can achieve
  • The device isn’t suitable for men with surface wounds on their penis
  • There are no universal spare parts for different models, so if you chose to upgrade your device, you can’t use your old parts from the previous model
  • Limited packages offered

What Is Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte is a natural penile extender that helps your penis increase in length and girth. The growth is encouraged by the device through proper stretching, which causes new tissues to develop naturally.

Unlike other penis extenders, the device uses a patented Phallosan method. This method is based on the concept of atraumatic stretching on your penis. This method or procedure is widely used in the medical field, and the company behind Phallosan managed to incorporate this into their device.

Aside from making your penis bigger, the use of Phallosan Forte also prevents and reduces erectile dysfunction and fixes the curvature of your penis. In fact, the company reports that physicians already used their device as part of their treatment for penis curvature and reported successful results.

Phallosan is likened to the ancient principle of skin and tissue stretching. As your penis stretches, the constant tension results in microscopic fissures in the tissue. Then, your body naturally fills these microscopic gaps with new cells. This starts the growth process.

Phallosan Forte Packages

The Phallosan packages available are pretty much straightforward. They’re all in the same ballpark when it comes to price, and the only difference is whether you’re going to get an additional accessory to their standard device.

Here are the two main packages for Phallosan Forte:

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1. Phallosan Forte Package ($379)

Their basic Phallosan package is fuss-free and doesn’t really come with other extras that aren’t integral to the device itself. This is a good starter for those looking to make their first purchase of a penis extender.

The package includes:

  • Elastic best
  • Large suction bell with L-sleeve condom
  • Medium suction bell with M-sleeve condom and assembled tension clip
  • Small suction bell with S-sleeve condom
  • Two protector caps
  • Tension clips
  • A suction ball with a 3-way valve
  • Measuring template
  • Instructions for use
  • Travel bag
  • Two-year warranty except for vacuum condoms and protector caps

2. Phallosan Forte & Phallosan Plus+ Combination ($499)

If you want to avail of their Phallosan Plus+, which is an extension device included in your basic Phallosan package, you can get this order.

The contents are the same as the previous package with an added Phallosan Plus+. It’s worth noting that the company also sells the Phallosan Plus+ extension device separately, priced at $120.

The cost of the basic Phallosan Forte package ($379) and the extension device ($120) is still the same with this combination package, even if it’s bought separately.

Our advice? You should buy the basic package so you can try the product out if it’s your cup of tea. Then once you decide to commit to the program fully, you can go ahead and order the extension separately.

How to Wear Phallosan Forte

The instructions for wearing Phallosan Forte are pretty much straightforward. It’s less complicated compared to other devices available on the market.

As usual, you can consult the included guide on the package once you’ve bought the product. But here’s the gist of how you use Phallosan:

  1. Put the rubber protector cap on the tip of your penis. Secure it properly to avoid any discomfort.
  2. Then, use the glass bell condom and roll the sleeve over the entire length of your penis.
  3. Insert the head of your penis and roll the rubber sleeve towards the base.
  4. Adjust the bell pump to the desired pressure that you want. The desired result should be a moderate vacuum over your penis that will hold every part of the device in place.
  5. Lastly, use the belt system and attach it to the base of your penis and your hips. This placement will help the tension and the stretching of your penis.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you still have any questions regarding the product? Here are the frequently asked questions when it comes to Phallosan Forte:

How should I clean Phallosan?

Always wash the sleeve condom and the protector cap after each use with warm water and soap. Then, air dry it and lightly apply some talc-free baby powder.

As for the Phallosan belt, you should only hand wash it with body-temp water. Other parts of the belt can be cleaned individually.

How many inches or centimeters can it lengthen my penis?

Based on the clinical study conducted by the company behind Phallosan, the best results achieved are an increase of 1.9 inches at rest and 1.3 inches when erect. The average is around 0.58 inches.

However, the company highlights that the product is made to naturally lengthen your penis as much as your body can potentially allow itself to grow. The tangible results and the time it takes to achieve depend on your use and dedication to the product.

Will this cause any injury or blisters to my penis?

According to the company, there are no recorded side effects of Phallosan Forte when appropriately used. Injuries, like blisters, can happen as a result of putting too much pressure. If this happens, the company recommends completely stop the usage of the product and let your penis heal completely before trying again.

For a complete list of precautions and risks, you can visit their website here.

How much tension should I use?

Phallosan Forte has an indicator marked with green, yellow, and red. The green area on the drawbar is the recommended pressure for everyone. If you need to add a little more, slowly progress to the yellow area. But don’t go beyond it to the red area, or it will potentially cause inflammation or blisters.

Can I return Phallosan Forte even if I have already used it?

The company doesn’t allow product returns once the inner sear of the device has been opened. If you have any problems with using the Phallosan, you can contact their customer service.

How long does shipping take?

The company doesn’t guarantee the process and duration of their shipping. It depends on your country and location.

It’s worth noting that Phallosan doesn’t also give a guaranteed delivery time or provide precise delivery dates. Depending on your location, the company uses DHL, FedEx, or your local postal service as couriers.

Is it delivered discreetly?

All products shipping from Phallosan comes in a neutral packaging that doesn’t indicate or refer to the nature of the product inside.

Phallosan Forte User Reviews

Still not sure if Phallosan Forte is the right device for you? Let’s hear directly from the users themselves on what they think about the product:


Phallosan Forte Review – September 13, 2022

Last year, I bought the Phallosan Forte and Phallosan Plus, and I just completed the 600 hours of use. While my size hasn’t changed yet, my sensitivity definitely increased. Plus, I can get an erection easier. So far, I’m delighted!

Review submitted by Conner

Phallosan Forte Review – June 10, 2022

The comfort level is something that you need to get used to. Plus, you have to tinker around for a bit when it comes to the compression. It’s still a bit early for me to tell any difference, but this product is definitely better than any other extenders you can buy online.

Review submitted by Alan

Phallosan Forte Review – February 13, 2021

This review is a bit late, but after 1000 hours, I’m 2cm bigger when flaccid. When erected, it’s about 1cm. The Phallosan is very durable, especially their sleeves. As long as you use it properly as recommended, you won’t encounter any problems!

Review submitted by Erik

Phallosan Forte Review – March 9, 2021

I bought my first Phallosan a year ago, and so far, I gained a full inch from it when I’m erect and about an inch and a half if flaccid. Let me tell you: it really works! As long as you dedicate your time to it, you’ll achieve very desirable results.

Review submitted by Robbie


Phallosan Forte Review – October 17, 2020

To be honest, it was pretty painful at first. I wasn’t sure if that’s “normal” when using penis extenders because this is my first time using it. So I contacted their support team with my problem, and they’re happy to assist me on how to use the product. Now, it’s really comfortable. I’m optimistic that it will work in the long run!

Review submitted by Travis

Phallosan Forte Review – March 24, 2021

Honestly, I’ve expected a little more durability from Phallosan, especially with their price. I needed a pump twice within a year, but their customer service is outstanding. They truly honor the warranty that comes with it.

Review submitted by Omar

Phallosan Forte Review – March 25, 2021

I started using it this year, and the tensioning clip breaks on multiple times. But I repaired it quickly, and my routine is basically 10 hours a day for about five days per week. Since the start of January, I have already gained 2 inches for my flaccid length. Their tracking software is also helpful.

Review submitted by Harris


Phallosan Forte Review – January 28, 2020

I was sent with a defective pump, and the package was incomplete (no small suction bell), but the customer service got back to me quickly, and they sent me a new one right away. I’ve been using it, and so far, I haven’t encountered any problems yet.

Review submitted by Maxwell