PeniMaster Pro Review

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When it comes to penis extenders, one might think that majority of these medical devices on the market work the same.

After all, all the principles behind penis extenders are anchored on cell division. If your penis is constantly stretched, it will encourage the cells in that area to multiply and expand to make up for the microtears created by the tension.

Plus, with a significant number of 45% of the men’s population wanting a bigger penis size, it truly seems that penis extender is a lucrative business. This resulted in hundreds of penis extender brands that may or may not look the same.

But what if you want a little something more different than the average penile device on the market?

In this PeniMaster PRO review, we’re going to see how this device uniquely presents the typical penis extender and whether this might be an excellent choice for you.

PeniMaster PRO Summary

PeniMaster is a penile extender device that properly stretches your penis to increase tissue stimulation leading to penis growth. This device is designed for penile enlargement, thickening, and straightening —making this device one of the holistically designed penile extenders in the market.

The PeniMaster is designed and made in Germany. Here’s a quick review of what we think of the product:


  • PeniMaster is designed holistically to lengthen, thicken, and straighten your penis at the same time.
  • Claims to help with erectile function and increase of libido.
  • Lessens premature ejaculation.
  • Works as a post-op physical therapy for retractive penis as a result of prostate removal.
  • Helps with Peyronie’s disease.


  • PeniMaster, when worn over your clothes, is quite visible.
  • You can’t use PeniMaster if you have latex allergies.
  • Reports of temporary penis discoloration are recorded.

What Is PeniMaster PRO, and Why Is It Special?

PeniMaster is a product of MSP Concept in Germany that has been manufacturing urological penis extenders since 1998. The company received many positive feedbacks and criticisms from their previous product line, which made them product PeniMaster.

By 2002, PeniMaster became available on the market with an international-patented design. The device became quite popular and became one of the leading penis extender devices available on the market.

More than the tried-and-tested results that PeniMaster offers through their numerous clinical trials and published journals, the device also contains unique features that most penis extenders don’t have.

According to the company, PeniMaster uses the “most innovative and functional rod expender of its kind.” The device features adaptive fixing slots, soft holding belts, safety and comfort clips, and highly stable materials.

The previous PeniMaster became a massive success in the market that the market was even motivated to produce an improved version. PeniMaster PRO became the “new form of power and comfort” and was released in 2011.

The PeniMaster PRO includes a better version of their previous unique design with an even bigger expansion to help you have a better experience with the device.

How Does PeniMaster PRO Works?

The PeniMaster stimulates the cellular tissues of your penis, which enables lengthening, thickening, and straightening of your member.

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Aside from that, PeniMaster is also used for therapeutic purposes. Here is a complete list of therapeutic fields of application of PeniMaster PRO:

  • Peyronie’s disease  (IPP or Induratio Penis Plastica, which is the abnormal formation of fibrous plaques in your penis; strong, painful penis curvature)
  • Retractive penis (shortening of your penis due to urological operations, being overweight, and decrease of hormones due to greater age)
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction and low libido

PeniMaster PRO Products Price

The PeniMaster PRO has quite a catalog of different products that target different kinds of needs. This includes several additional attachments to the penis extender device itself, which can significantly improve your experience with PeniMaster.

For the PeniMaster official product line, we’ll divide it into two: the sets and the expansion units. First, let’s talk about the PeniMaster sets that include the penis extender device itself.

1. PeniMaster Classic ($212)

This is the original and classic design of the PeniMaster. The device is made from metal rods and fiberglass-reinforced plastic material.

PeniMaster Classic is a complete set that includes:

  • Mounted PeniMaster Classic with next-generation support surface (can be used with other PeniMaster systems).
  • Pre-mounted 2x2cm extension rod
  • Extension rods (6×0.5cm, 2x4cm, 2x6cm, 2x8cm)
  • Four holding belts
  • Three silicone comfort bands
  • Instruction manual

2. PeniMaster PRO Basic System ($224)

The PeniMaster PRO is the next generational penis extender developed to perfect the previous classic design. It features the anatomically self-adapting connection to the glans of your penis.

The Basic System includes the following:

  • 1 PeniMaster PRO
  • One sluice ring
  • Two split adapters
  • One standard rotary valve
  • One pump ball application system
  • 1 ProMaster comfort and care
  • One starter set diaphragm and sluice
  • One manual
  • One case

3. PeniMaster PRO Complete Set ($369.97)

If you want to full scope of what PeniMaster can uniquely offer, then this Complete set might be for you. It includes everything in their patented PeniMaster PRO Basic, plus all the attachment and expenders that PeniMaster offers.

Here’s a full look at the inclusions of the PeniMaster PRO Complete Set:

  • 1 PeniMaster PRO
  • One sluice ring
  • Two split adapters
  • One standard rotary valve
  • One pump ball application system
  • 1 ProMaster comfort and care
  • One starter Set diaphragm and sluice
  • One manual
  • One case
  • 1 PeniMaster PRO belt expander system
  • 1 PeniMaster PRO rod expander system includes a basic ring, coupling socket, and the complete set of extension rods.

Aside from the PeniMaster system packages, the company also offers expander sets that can be purchased separately if you already have the PeniMaster device. The expanders offer different purposes that can help your specific case and improve your experience with the device.

Here are the expander sets offered by PeniMaster:

1. PeniMaster PRO Weight Expander ($360.32)

The company described the weight expanders as an intuitive “body-building” for your penis. Using different pulling forces from the weight, a constant vertical downward pulling force will significantly increase tissue stimulation.

The Weight Expander sets include:

  • All inclusions of PeniMaster PRO Basic System
  • Weight pulling force generator with five different weight sets and PeniMaster PRO attachment paraphernalia.

2. PeniMaster PRO Belt Expander System ($300)

The Belt Expander System can be an excellent way for you to wear PeniMaster PRO comfortably. The belt included allows you to wear the device like a hip belt, shoulder belt, or knee belt, depending on your preferences and body build.

The belt is sensitive skin-friendly, and you can toss it in a washing machine for easy cleaning.

The Belt Expander System comes with:

  • All inclusions of PeniMaster PRO Basic System
  • 1 PeniMaster PRO belt with attachment paraphernalia.

3. PeniMaster PRO Rod Expander System ($324.17)

The PeniMaster PRO Rod Expander System is designed to direct the pulling force in an axially symmetric manner. The expander allows you to adjust your penis in any direction freely (upward, downward, or diagonal), making it an ideal option for those looking to correct the posture of their penis.

The Expander System includes:

  • All inclusions of PeniMaster PRO Basic System
  • One basic ring with a spring balance
  • One coupling socket
  • 6 0.5cm extension rods
  • 2 2cm extension rods
  • 2 4cm extension rods
  • 2 6cm extension rods
  • 2 8cm extension rods

PeniMaster FAQ

What is the difference between PeniMaster and PeniMaster PRO?

The main difference is the design of the two products. PeniMaster is a rod-based penis expander, while the PeniMaster PRO is a modularly designed penis expander that stimulates the tissues in your penis without the use of compression.

How long should I wear the PeniMaster?

According to the company, wearing the PeniMaster for three hours per day can already give you some results. However, to maximize the growth of your penis, it’s recommended that you wear PeniMaster between six to 12 hours a day.

Can I wear it overnight?

It’s possible to wear the PeniMaster overnight. However, you should thoroughly read the specific instructions included in the package for overnight use to avoid any injury.

What’s the ideal pulling force for it to work?

PeniMaster recommends that you use to adjust the pulling force between 200 and 1,200 grams.

Is there a side effect?

Both PeniMaster and PeniMaster PRO don’t have any harmful risks recorded with the usage of the product. However, there are slight side effects that can arise during use. These side effects aren’t permanent or life-threatening as long as the product is used correctly.

The possible side effects listed on their website are:

– Allergies (specifically, latex)
– Slight irritation in the area of the holding belt
– Bluish discoloration due to high pulling forces

Make sure always to follow the instructions provided by the PeniMaster. If any side effects arise and it causes an emergent situation, immediately stop using the product and seek professional medical advice.

PeniMaster PRO Reviews

Are you still not convinced whether PeniMaster PRO might be the right penis extender for you? Read the following reviews below that are straight from the users of PeniMaster products:


PeniMaster PRO Review – September 1, 2022

I’ve been familiar with penis extenders for some time, and I was interested in PeniMaster PRO. It looks different from any penis extenders that I tried since it doesn’t have that “penis cage” design. I took a risk and bought it. I must say, I’m sticking to this product because it’s so much comfortable compared to other extenders!

Review submitted by Matthew

PeniMaster PRO Review – August 20, 2022

PeniMaster was recommended to me by a friend. He had the original design, and I tried the PRO version to see if it’s better than other penis extenders. The built was definitely interesting. So far, I have managed to achieve a half an inch increase in just two weeks of use. That’s growth is faster compared to other extenders that I tried. I definitely recommend this.

Review submitted by Carlo

PeniMaster PRO Review – June 29, 2021

I had the previous PeniMaster design, and it was absolutely amazing. I figured I would treat myself and get the PRO version since I’ve been using the old one for about six months (I gained more than two inches). All I can say is the PRO version is more comfortable, and it was worth the upgrade.

Review submitted by Mishan

PeniMaster PRO Review – December 29, 2020

I have an extremely bent penis, and my doctor recommended PeniMaster PRO to me. At first, I’m unsure whether to buy this or just go with other brands because it is expensive. But I’m glad that I did follow my doctor because the bending of my penis definitely improved! I wasn’t looking to lengthen my penis originally, but I can’t deny that I like the improvement. A life-saver this one.

Review submitted by Joshua


PeniMaster PRO Review – January 19, 2021

Honestly, the only complaint that I have for PeniMaster is that it’s just expensive. But after days of trying it, I can’t even complain anymore because the results that I got were excellent. The money that I paid was worth it! So let me tell you, don’t be cheap for these kinds of products because the results will make it up.

Review submitted by Stephen

PeniMaster PRO Review – January 30, 2021

My wife suggested that I try using penis extenders to help me with my confidence. She bought me this one, and I’m so glad that she did because it really works wonders. I’m a reasonably attractive guy, but I just really lack in the penis department. After two months of use, I gained almost two full inches!

Review submitted by Edward


PeniMaster PRO Review – March 1, 2019

I’m not so sure about this. It’s probably because I can’t stand to wear it for more than an hour a day (I’m also swamped). But it’s pretty comfortable; I just can’t get past the idea of penis extenders. It does feel premium, though. I might give it a shot again sometime.

Review submitted by Ian