The Great American Health 2.0 Motorcycle Tour

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A few months ago, Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt from Health 2.0 called about a documentary they had in mind. There’s this doctor named David Kibbe, they said. He’s been in medical information technology for years, and we want to send him out on the road to see if he can get an answer to what Health 2.0 is all about.

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While there isn’t exactly a clear or precise definition, the idea is generally one where doctors, patients, practitioners, and providers use the Internet as a technology and communications platform to manage, track and care for an individual’s health.

These can be formal applications such as Google’s recent foray into storing patients’ health records. But they can also include informal communities that form around disease conditions, such as those found in Second Life and social networks.

David visited our New York studio toward the end of July, where grilled for a few hours about his thoughts on healthcare and technology, and from there, we hit the road.

We followed him with various film crews as he rode his beloved Honda Goldwing up and down the east and west coasts to interview different players and commentators in the Health 2.0 space. These ranged from large companies (Google) to writers (Tara Parker-Pope of the New York Times) to start-ups (Hello Health).

We thank all for their good cheer during this project. The video above is a largely collaborative work of Scribe shooters and editors from around the country and premiered at the October Health 2.0 conference in San Francisco.