We want to give a big New York hello to Matthew Holt, Indu Subaiya and all the good folk attending the Health 2.0 Conference in San Francisco.

Fard Johnmar is representing the greater ScribeMedia family and shooting an episode for the Digital Health Revolution, a new show we’re producing that chronicles how the Internet, computers, mobile phones and other technologies are impacting health globally.

Here at the home front, we had a flurry of late nights putting together a video to open the Health 2.0 conference. You can see it above: A Brief History of Medicine… . We could/should add, “American Style.”

A lot was left on the cutting room floor in order to keep this within the few minute time frame we were operating under. However, new favorite person in medical history is Andreas Vesalius. His anatomical sketches are amazing.

For those who’ve seen it, the video’s an obvious homage to Michael Wesch’s Web 2.0… The Machine is Us/ing Us.

The music’s by Luxxury (hilarious video and site), the words are based off a ream of notes sent our way, and the video’s the work of Alexandra Lerman… some of you might know her as Pharma Girl.