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We don't really talk enough about the things that deal with our masculinity, especially in the sex department.

As someone who is sexually active, I always have that nagging feeling that my body will just decide to stop functioning at any moment. Underperforming is something that is always on my mind. I get anxious and overthink up until the point that I can no longer hold an erection.

It was a huge blow to me. Having erectile dysfunction was something that I didn't totally expect to experience. I felt terrible and alone. It was a secret that I kept close to me from the fear of being judged.

But still, I know that I'm not entirely the only man that experienced this kind of dilemma. I knew that I had to address this health issue sooner or later if I wanted to continue to lead the lifestyle I'm used to. It's more than just being sexually active —it's about regaining my confidence and being comfortable with myself.

For so long, I struggled to keep my condition private, especially with getting erectile dysfunction medication. I wished that I had discovered way earlier than I did. Because then it would remove all the sneaking out and the discreetness that I had to do on my part just to get an ED tablet.

So if you're looking for a way to get your erectile dysfunction medication conveniently and discreetly, then might just be the ideal service for you.

What Is an Erectile Dysfunction Medication?

It's estimated that ED affects around one-third of men's total population. It's much common than we thought, and it affects more than just our sexual drive. It can be an indication of a much more severe physical or emotional condition. But ED symptoms and effects are treatable.

This is where ED medication comes in. There are different kinds of ED oral medication: sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil (1). What they do is they enhance the effects of nitric oxide in your body so your muscles can relax and increase the blood flow to your penis. That way, you'll be able to get and maintain an erection.

A lot of people actually think that only those who are older need ED medications. But it's also an issue that younger men face as early as 20 years old.

Are you deciding which ED medication is the right one for you? Here are some things that you might want to keep in mind before buying an erectile dysfunction tablet:

  1. Your current physical and mental health conditions. It's important to note any underlying health conditions you have so you and your physician can determine if it's safe for you to be on ED medication.
  2. Possible side effects of your chosen ED medication. Each type of ED oral medication has different side effects. Spend the time to research them, so you'll know what's normal or not.
  3. Accessibility to your chosen ED medication. A lot of people want privacy and discreetness when it comes to these matters. If that's important for you, think about the accessibility of the medication.
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Introducing – A Discreet ED Medication Provider

Like myself, I struggled to find a way to keep things discreet and private when it comes to getting my ED medication. It's not a matter of shame, but it's just something that I don't want to be broadcasted to everyone.

When I found out about, I was incredibly impressed with their upfront service. is a subscription-based online provider of erectile dysfunction medications available in the United States. If you or someone else you know use any ED medication, then you probably have an idea of how hard it is to get one without any administrative fuss. claims that they'll get you your medication with just a few clicks. It's all discreet and private, plus there's always a plan that suits right within your budget.

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You can personalize your tablet subscription with, depending on your condition, lifestyle, and budget. Plus, you don't need to have any prior prescription to use because they have a wide selection of doctors that can prescribe you your medication. That means no more awkward in-person doctor visits. You can get your ED prescription and medicine that you want from the comfort and privacy of your own house. offers two ED medication varieties: tadalafil, an active ingredient in Cialis™ (2), and sildenafil, an active ingredient in Viagra™ (3). is definitely a big help if you're looking for a service that would make things much easier when dealing with erectile dysfunction. But of course, carefully screens those who are qualified to take ED medications through their network of doctors. Depending on your state, you might be required to have a virtual visit for your prescription, which can be done conveniently at your schedule.

Their service is prescription-based only to ensure your safety while taking ED medications. If you're not diagnosed with ED, but you want to take something for potency, then I suggest that you should look for other alternatives.

Still on the fence about Here's a quick run-down of the service's pros and cons:


  • is a reliable source for prescribed ED medications. One of the risks of ordering ED medication online is its legitimacy. Some online ED medication sources don't require you to have a prescription —that should be a huge red flag for you. But with, everything is prescription-based.
  • There's no need for an in-person appointment. To get your prescription, will refer you to one of their doctors to get the best medication for you via telehealth.
  • Medical support is included in's plan. Your health should be your number one priority. To achieve this, your doctor will always be available to you through email or call. There are no separate fees added for your consultation. Everything is included in your plan.
  • Discreetness and privacy are guaranteed. Your data is completely secured with That includes all your personal information from your account and your telehealth visits. You can read more on their Privacy Policy here.


  • There are only two types of ED tablets available. only offers tadalafil and sildenafil tablets. For those who prefer other active ingredients for their medications, then you might have to look for elsewhere.
  • is not available in Alaska, Louisiana, Minnesota, and South Carolina. is available in most states in the USA except for the listed locations.
  • Doesn't accept returned shipments. doesn't accept return packages (direct or not) since it's prescription-based. If there's any problem with your shipment, you have to go through their customer support.

Features and Benefits of

The selling point of is really about their subscription packages.

The premium plan starts at $49.99 monthly for 9 tadalafil tablets or  14 sildenafil tablets. The highest plan, Deluxe, costs $89.99 monthly for 18 tadalafil tablets or 28 sildenafil tablets. All plan tiers include medical support and plan flexibility.

Let's get down to their products.

Personally, I used to think that ED medications are all the same. But each active ingredient present in your tablet is a little bit different from each other. offers two different types of ED medication.

The first is Tadalafil. Tadalafil is an active ingredient used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence.  It relaxes the muscles of your blood vessels and improves blood flow. Tadalafil is the generic name of Cialis™, and it's estimated that there's no significant difference between the two.

Aside from ED, tadalafil is also used to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia or enlarged prostate and pulmonary hypertension.

An important thing to note before taking tadalafil is to check your current physical and mental health. Tadalafil reacts with other nitrate medications, which will cause you to experience a drastic decrease in blood pressure. Some side effects include muscle pain, headache, nausea, stuffy nose, or flushing.

The other product that offers is Sildenafil. Like other ED medications, it helps increase blood flow to your penis to get and maintain an erection. Sildenafil is the generic name for Viagra™, and aside from treating erectile dysfunction, sildenafil is also used as a hypertension drug.

Before taking sildenafil, make sure that your doctor knows about your medical history. The same with other ED medications, don't take sildenafil if you have heart problems and take prescriptions for it. Side effects include dizziness, nausea, heartburn, abnormal vision, muscle pain, or sleep problems.

It's always best to talk to your doctor first when choosing between tadalafil and sildenafil. The telehealth providers at can help you with that, so your subscription plan fits your health and condition.

There's no significant difference between tadalafil and sildenafil when it comes to treatment for erectile dysfunction. Both have similar effects but with different active time. Tadalafil will act much faster (around 30 minutes after taking), and the effects can last long up to 36 hours. If you're one for spontaneity and don't want to continually take tablets whenever you want to have a go, then tadalafil has a greater advantage for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription to use is a prescription-based service, but you DON'T need to have a prescription beforehand. Your plan will include telehealth services from, and their doctors can be the one to prescribe you the best option for you.

Are my plans flexible? Can I order ahead of time?

All plans are flexible and easy to switch between tiers. You can change your type of medication and order ahead of time. All options will be available to you once you've created your account.

Can the tablets make me bigger?

No. Tadalafil and sildenafil are erectile dysfunction medicine that will help increase blood flow to your penis. You'll be able to get and maintain an erection, but you still need to be aroused or excited for it to work.

Can I smoke or drink while taking ED medications?

Smoking and drinking alcohol will inevitably cause side effects and will affect your ability to get erect. Avoid any kinds of vices when you're taking ED medication if you want them to work effectively.

Do accept insurance?

The services provided by aren't covered by insurance. However, there are no hidden fees, and your consultation with their doctors is already included in your plan. Review: Is It For You?

If you have erectile dysfunction and you want to regain control of your sex life again, then it's highly recommended that you check out.

Dealing with ED is no joke, and we all need the help that we could get. will deliver your ED medications for you without the hassle of in-person checkups to get prescriptions. You'll also have access to their telehealth at your convenience so you can monitor your health properly while taking your tablets.  

Their plans are affordable too. Adding up the costs of medication, convenience, and telehealth access, it's a great deal to check out. Plus, if you're not satisfied with their products, they'll offer a full refund.

Definitely check out and their products here!