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Lo-Tek presented at Postopolis!, an event organised by BLDDBLOG, City of Sound, Inhabitat, Subtopia and the Storefront for Art and Architecture. A list of available videos from the event can be found here.

The Lot-ek Web site describes how the firm uses “prefabricated objects, systems, and technologies… as raw materials.” The prefabricated objects in question are industrial shipping containers, and in a feat of architectural ingenuity, these objects are the raw materials for buildings.

While most of us consider this recycling, the architectural studio formed by Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano would rather distance themselves from being pigeonholed. This is, perhaps, understandable. Classification into any sort of niche reeks of—well, classification, and artists are not fond of such things.

“Every single article that came on us or any discussion on our work, especially on a more pop level, was titled ‘recycling’, ‘the recyclers’ and we always said at the beginning, we used to say, ‘We don’t care about recycling, we’re not there to recycle,” says Tolla. “I think it’s really important to recognize what you do and what you do it for, and our interest is more in a creative practice.” .


In the video above, Tolla and Lignano discuss the role of politics in architecture and introduce their projects for 2007: the Weiner Townhouse in the West Village, Sanlitun North in Beijing, Metal Management in New Jersey, and CHK, their Container Home Kit.

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