BlueChew Free Sample: BlueChew Free Trial With Promo Code

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Jumping two feet into an ED product that isn’t tailored to you and that may not work, is just plain foolish. Signing up for a free trial though and doing a test run, now that’s one of the best things you can do. At least, that’s what I did.

See, I wanted to find an erectile dysfunction product without needing a prescription from my local pharmacy, and I wanted to find one that would work for me.

Sure, I could pop a generic Viagra option and hope it wasn’t too strong or too weak, or I could check out the BlueChew free trial and apply it to a tailored plan just for me. This is what I did, and I want to share how the sampling experience works.

Is the BlueChew Free Sample Size Large Enough?

We all know how disappointing it is to get a little travel-size or a few ounces of a product as a test sample. Not only is it difficult to determine if we like it, but it’s also challenging to determine if it genuinely works!

  • ED Meds Presribed Online
  • No In-Person and Expensive Doctor Visits
  • No Waiting In Line

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Unlike other companies, the BlueChew free sample is good on the “Active Plan” and gives you $20 off the original price plan. This is the best deal available on the internet and it is exclusive to ScribeMedia.

If you choose the Sildenafil, you get six 30MG chewable tablets for free, and if you select Tadalafil, you will get four chewable tablets 6MG for free.

So, if you’re like me and want to opt into the smallest plan, to see if the tablets work for you, the only thing you need to pay for is the shipping and handling fee ($5) as the lowest plan is $20 a month.

What If I Want to Get a Bigger Plan With My BlueChew Free Trial?

You can absolutely do this as well!

It just means that you will pay the difference between the original price and the shipping and handling fee.

Here are the plans laid out.

For Sildenafil:

  • The Active Plan is $20 a month for X6 tablets at 30MG. You pay $0 (the first month) + shipping and handling (SH).
  • The Busy Plan is $30 a month for X10 tablets at 30MG. You pay $10 + SH.
  • The Popular Plan is $50 a month for X17 tablets at 30MG. You pay $30 + SH.
  • The Pro Plan is $90 a month for X34 tablets at 30MG. You pay $70 + SH.

For Tadalafil:

  • The Active Plan is $20 a month for X4 tablets at 6MG. You pay $0 (the first month) + SH.
  • The Busy Plan is $30 a month for X7 tablets at 6MG. You pay $10 + SH.
  • The Popular Plan is $50 a month for X14 tablets at 6MG. You pay $30 + SH.
  • The Pro Plan is $90 a month for X28 tablets at 6MG. You pay $70 + SH.

To redeem your BlueChew free trial, use our exclusive BlueChew promo code and follow the on-screen instructions by visiting the official website.

Which Tablet Type Do I Choose?

This depends on if you want to be spontaneous or if you have a specific time window in mind! The Sildenafil will last anywhere between 4-6 hours, while the Tadalafil will stay in your system for up to 36 hours.

How Easy Is It To Sign Up With a BlueChew Coupon Code?

After redeeming your BlueChew promo code, you will be asked a series of questions through the website. The questions are primarily about your erectile dysfunction and your health, and once answered, you will be set up with a qualified and licensed physician.

If BlueChew is determined to be right for you, you will then be asked to select the subscription plan you want. Once you have locked your subscription in place and applied the BlueChew coupon code, the package will be shipped to you in discreet packaging. The tablets are individually wrapped, and you will also receive a safety information booklet.

What About Cancelling the Trial?

When you sign up for your BlueChew free trial, make sure to do so with an active email. This is because BlueChew will send you a reminder that your subscription is coming up for renewal. You can cancel directly from the email or renew from it. If you forget about the renewal and it goes through, you can get refunded.

If you want more pills for the second month, head to the website and upgrade your plan to one that has more in it!

Is It Truly Different Than Traditional Options?

While BlueChew’s product may be similar to other options with regards to the ingredients used, you don’t need to have it prescribed by a general practitioner, and you can order it online and have it mailed with discreet packaging. Beyond this, you chew the tablets rather than taking them with water, which allows them to act faster (within 30-minutes).

If you suffer from ED like me and want to avoid that awkward doctor’s visit, using the BlueChew free sample is as hassle-free as you’re going to get. Sure, it costs a few bucks to try out the Active Plan, but it beats needing a prescription, and ordering online is a breeze.

Plus, you DO NOT need to phone in to cancel your subscription, which is such a blessing! If combating erectile dysfunction and having a more flexible sex-life is what you’re looking for, BlueChew is the easiest way to do it!