So a couple of weeks ago I got a little present in the mail…

A happy little box I had so desperately been anticipating…

My brand-new, very own, G-SPEED eS from G-Tech.

As a video producer working with HD content, I can appreciate the benefit of a little extra hard drive space. And with this guy, you get a LOT of hard drive space (up to 4TB in fact), a 1 Gigabit connection speed and a rock solid package.

That connection speed is nearly triple an average firewire 400 connection for those of you keeping track, and about 1.5 times faster then a firewire 800.

There was once a time when I was tied to multiple drives each and every day. It was routine that I would have three or four different external devices running and hooked up to my machine at the same time.


With the G-SPEED eS, I have all of my content in one permanent place and I have the option to turn the G-SPEED into a RAID if/when I see fit (it supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 & JBOD).


The drive is small and compact. Its included drives are hot-swappable, and it comes with its very own PCIe x4 RAID controller card.

I find it to be fast, efficient and very reliable.

I also like the fact that it has built in web-browser control functions to help you set up and maintain your drive.

It’s an eSATA drive, which means it’s basically tethered to your machine indefinitely (unless you have multiple machines with PCIe cards – this is where the “permanent” stress came from earlier).
It also has its own separate power source, which means it constantly has to be plugged in. In my testing I accidentally unplugged the thing and subsequently went momentarily deaf as the alarm went off in my ear (the positive side of that though is that the G-SPEED makes it abundantly clear when there is any sort of problem with the unit).

Overall I would say that the G-SPEED eS is the one of the best, most reliable units I’ve worked with. It has become the home for all my important data and materials and has the unique distinction of being the only drive in the office to never have crashed, failed or randomly decided to stop working.
And if you’ve read some of our other horror stories, that’s saying something.