A Conversation With Fred Seibert, President & Executive Producer, Frederator Studios

The development of profitable digital media ventures relies as much on knowing when the next wave will hit as it does on creating sustainable revenue models. In some respects, the first decade of the 21st-century belongs to the media entrepreneurs who have the foresight to create new digital brands that build a trusted, satisfied audience that can attract revolving advertising and syndication revenue streams.

Fred Seibert is a hyphenate producer who has done as much to create today’s New York media landscape as any single individual: music producer, cable television programming pioneer, agency executive, cartoon producer, and Internet television executive.

Frederator Studios has produced award-winning hits such as ‘The Fairly Oddparents,’ ‘ChalkZone,’ and My Life as a Teenage Robot, while creating hundreds of new characters for Nickeloden at the Random! Cartoons and Oh Yeah! Cartoons sites.

His latest venture, Next New Networks, has aggregated micro-networks – including the likes of – with the stated goal of creating 101 new networks over the next three years.

He has helped launch brands as massive as MTV, rekindled such cherished icons as Hanna-Barbera, and produced Grammy-nominated jazz records while developing a portfolio of work that continues to evolve. In his own words, he “just can’t seem to stop living!”

Fred Seibert, President & Executive Producer, Frederator Studios

Fred Seibert makes cartoons and television networks.

In 1998 former Hanna-Barbera Cartoons president Fred Seibert formed Frederator Studios, an independent television production company. He is the executive producer of seven animated series on Nickelodeon’s networks: The Fairly Oddparents, ChalkZone, My Life as a Teenage Robot, The Nicktoons Network Animation Festival, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! (with Susan Miller), Oh Yeah! Cartoons, and Random! Cartoons. He is a founder of Channel Frederator, the world’s first cartoon podcast, and Next New Networks, a company launching 101 micro-TV networks.

Seibert began his career in college radio, produced jazz records, and started in television as the first creative director of MTV: Music Television. He co-founded Fred/Alan Inc. with Alan Goodman as the first branding agency in television, where they created Nick-at-Nite and relaunched Nickelodeon as the #1 network in cable television.

Moderator: Chris Pfaff, President, Chris Pfaff Tech/Media LLC; board delegate, PGA New Media Council