Does Vicks Vapo Rub Help With Erectile Dysfunction?

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Some remedies for erectile dysfunction may sound weird, but then many would swear that they work for them. Vick VapoRub is for symptomatic relief of cough and chest congestion. However, many men on the internet claim that it can help treat erectile dysfunction.

It is not rare for lesser-known remedies to do wonders. Some medications may show unexpected benefits. Just take an example of Viagra, which Pfizer first tested to treat heart diseases, but it ended up as a most effective erectile dysfunction remedy.

Therefore, it is worth exploring even the wildest of claims, but scientifically. So, is there any truth in such claims about Vicks VapoRub? Can it help in erectile dysfunction in any way?

What Does Vicks VapoRub Contain?

It is an OTC medication of respiratory condition, meaning one can buy without a doctor’s prescription. It contains natural ingredients that are in use in various traditional medicines for ages. It has active ingredients like Camphor, Eucalyptus oil, and Menthol. Additionally, it contains non-active compounds like nutmeg oil, thymol, turpentine oil, cedar leaf oil (1).

Though these components have various health benefits, however, to start with, it is necessary to understand that Vicks VapoRub is only for external use. It is not for consumption.

Nonetheless, there may be some effects due to absorption via the skin.

What Components May Have Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction?

There is limited, if any, scientific evidence that the components of Vick VapoRub may help in any way to improve sexual health.

Camphor is in use in traditional medicine for ages—neither modern research nor traditional knowledge support such use. Thus, in Persian traditional medicine, camphor was instead mentioned as something that adversely affects male potency (2).

There is some modern research into the camphor, and it does not show much impact on sex hormones. Camphor neither suppresses nor stimulates the production of testosterone and seem to be neutral (3).

Extensive literature research did not show any relation between eucalyptus oil and its role in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

One of its non-active ingredients, nutmeg oil, seems to have some benefits for erectile function (4).

How Is Vicks VaporRub Used for Erectile Dysfunction?

As already mentioned, Vick VapoRub is for external use only. Some men use it to massage their genitals. Though there is no scientific proof that it works, however, one cannot exclude the benefits too.

Even if some benefits occur, they may happen more probably due to massage or physiotherapy. Experience shows that massaging the genitals does help treat erectile dysfunction. Many methods, like vacuum pumps, are known to help.

Thus, if someone believes that it may help, then he can give it a try. But there is a need for caution, as in some individuals it may cause itching or allergic reaction. Some may not like the feeling of applying it on genitals. In many cases, it is a matter of personal choice.

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Conclusive Remarks

There is no scientific evidence that Vick VapoRub help in erectile dysfunction. Nonetheless, one can use it for massaging the genitals, which may have certain benefits. Since it is rich in natural oils, it may be suitable for such use. However, many may not like the sensation caused by it on genitals, and in other cases, it may even irritate.