Is Black Seed Oil a Cure for Impotence?

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Impotence is an age-old problem among men that has only become more severe due to stress, lifestyle changes, dietary habits, and the environment. Black seed oil might help get rid of impotence.

Modern men are less reluctant to discuss their sexual issues and seek treatment. Due to the better safety profile of natural remedies, men are re-exploring traditional therapies. And black seed oil is one such treatment for impotence.

Black Seed Oil – a Traditional Remedy

The black seed oil, also known by other names as black caraway, black cumin, and kalonji, is both a spice and a remedy. It is a seed from a plant that historically grew in the Mediterranean region, India, and Africa. Many countries now cultivate this plant.

It is famous both for culinary uses and medicinal properties. The earliest proof of its use as a food item comes from ancient Egyptian sites. It is still widely consumed in many parts of the world.

Many civilizations used its oil for health benefits. The topical application of its oil may be useful for relieving symptoms of impotence. Using black seed oil topically for impotence is a traditional remedy in Persian-speaking regions (1).

The reason why people want to use natural remedies like black seed oil is that they not only help directly with impotence but also boost masculine strength due to numerous health benefits.

It is vital to understand that impotence is rarely an isolated health problem, though many men may not realize it. Impotence is frequently a sign of deteriorating physical health, metabolic disorders, or chronic ailments.

Researchers think that consuming black seed or applying its oil may help treat numerous disease conditions. Traditional medicine regards black seed as protective for the liver, kidney, and heart. It might help fight stress and inflammation. It is useful for reducing bad cholesterol and controlling hypertension. It may even help fight diabetes (3).

What Makes Black Seed Oil Useful for Impotence?

In recent years, science has started analyzing the consequences of black seed oil. Researchers think that most of its health benefits are due to polyphenols, or volatile parts of this essential oil. Studies show that close to 50 volatile compounds have various health benefits (4).

Most of its health benefits seem to be due to thymoquinone, thymol, thymohydroquinone, dithymoquinone, and some other major phenolic compounds (4, 5).

Black Seed Oil Helps With ED or Infertility in Multiple Ways

Black seed oil is usually applied topically and used to massage genitals. Additionally, one can consume its seeds or seed extract. Black seeds or their oil is safe for adding to food items, and some even love their flavor.

It may help in many ways by reducing systemic and local inflammation due to its antioxidant ability and role in organ protection. It can also help by having an impact on local blood vessels. It reduces the risk of the formation of vascular plaques and helps keep blood vessels more elastic.

Although not fully understood how its topical application helps get a hard erection, but it could be due to its effect on local muscles, blood vessels, and blood flow.

There is one study that demonstrated that local application of black seed oil improves the response of penile tissues (corpus cavernous) to sexual stimuli. Thus, it can directly help treat impotence. Though, it is not clear to what degree it can improve sexual function in men (6).

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It is also well known that regular exercise of local muscles and genital massage may also help improve sexual function. It seems that using black seed oil may have additional benefits.

Interestingly enough, black seed extract also seems to improve fertility. Some studies indicate that it can increase sperm count and motility due to its effect on testicular function and testosterone levels. Though any such effect might not be powerful, prolonged use may help considerably (7, 8).

How Many Benefits to Expect From Black Seed Oil?

Since there are many natural remedies, one may ask what to expect. What are the benefits of black seed oil over other herbal remedies?

Perhaps the single most important benefit of this remedy is that it is entirely safe. It means that black seed oil is not only suitable for topical application; even its consumption in moderation is good for health.

When someone uses black oil for impotence topically, it might mix well with other herbal remedies and medications. It is also safe to combine with medicines like Viagra. It is undoubtedly not a replacement for Viagra as it will only help with prolonged use (whether used topically or internally). Still, it is an excellent addition to the overall treatment strategy.

Its use does not require any consultation with a specialist. It combines well with other food items, herbs, and medications, and there are no known adverse interactions.

It will only help when applied regularly or if its seed extracts are consumed daily. It is a good idea to use it with a genital exercise or massage therapy routine. One can learn to self-massage the genitals. For optimal benefit and proper absorption, it is better to massage the genitals with black seed oil for some minutes.

Black seed oil is not a magical remedy but may help fight something challenging to cure for modern medicine. When used for long enough, black seed oil will help to a degree to get rid of impotence, improve sexual performance, and may even positively influence fertility.