Fish Oil and ED: What’s the Link? (Explained)

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People long noticed that in regions with higher fish consumption, there was a higher rate of fertility and fewer sexual disorders (1). Generally, fish consumption also results in better cardiovascular and brain health.

Even the average age is higher in regions with higher fish consumption, like Japan or the Mediterranean region. Later studies demonstrated that these benefits are due to fish oil, which is a significant source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Nowadays, it is well established that seafood is the healthiest source of fatty acids and high-quality proteins. People use fish oil primarily to increase omega-3 fatty acids intake.

So does fish oil help you with erectile dysfunction?

Fish oil, which is rich in omega-3, is beneficial for both improving cardiovascular and nerve function and, thus, can have a direct impact on the quality of an erection by boosting nitric oxide production in the penile tissue.

Let's explain!

Fish Oil and Omega-3

Although omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in many food sources, in several seeds and seed oils, fish oil is superior due to a better balance of all three fatty acids.

It is necessary to understand that omega-3s are not three but many. But studies mostly focus on three of them; they are docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA, and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).

ALA and DHA are both essential fatty acids, meaning that the body cannot produce them. The human body can convert ALA to DHA, but it is a metabolically expensive process. This means it is better to have a diet rich in all these fatty acids (2).

Fish oil is so good for health due to its balance of all the fatty acids. Plant oils are rich in ALA, but fish oil is abundant in DHA and EPA (2).

Since most people in western societies are consuming lots of oil and fats, they are consuming enough of ALA. However, the western diet is deficient in DHA and ALA, and this is where the role of regular use of fish oil comes in.

Health Benefits of Fish Oil and Its Influence on Sexuality

There is a proverb that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body; similarly, excellent erectile function is only present in a healthy body. When a person is feeling bad, sex is the last thing that comes to mind. Even some mild seasonal infections may cause a severe reduction in sexual desire.

This means that fish oil helps in two ways to boost sexual functions, by the direct impact on erectile function and due to its broader health benefits. It helps mainly due to its effect on nerve health and cardiovascular health. After all, even Viagra or Cialis works by affecting blood vessels.

Fish oil is now well known to help with brain function by strengthening nerves. This could be one way in which it may improve arousal quality and have a positive impact on sexual function.

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Researchers think that fish oil can have neuroprotective action. This is because it improves blood flow to the rain; lowers the levels of brain inflammation; it has anti-aging activity. There is some evidence that it may reduce the risk of neurodegenerative diseases (3).

Studies show that sex is good for cognition, and right brain health is essential for healthy sexual life (4). Fish oil can help improve both these parameters.

Fish oil is now better known for its uncountable benefits in cardiovascular health. It improves blood flow to various organs; it reduces bad fats and thus reduces the risk of plaques. It helps keep blood vessels more flexible. It reduces the viscosity of the blood (5).

Fish oil may also help lower blood pressure. Higher blood pressure is one of the major factors for poor erectile dysfunction, as it damages almost all the blood vessels. High blood pressure indicates less elasticity of blood vessels (6).

Fish Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

One-way fish oil help improve sexual health is due to its impact on general well-being. There is now emerging evidence that it may also have a direct effect on sexual health. It may improve the quality of erection.

At present, there are few studies on the direct impact of fish oil on erectile function. In one of the studies, researchers found that omega-3 may directly alter the structure of penile tissues and change the molecular environment. This results in higher intra-cavernosal pressure and a harder erection (7).

Another way fish oil seems to help is by improving nerve conduction. It appears that DHA in fish oil is especially useful for nerves. Prolonged use of fish oil improves arousal quality and thus may help treat erectile dysfunction (8).

Here, the only thing to understand is that, unlike Cialis or Viagra, fish oil needs a longer time to improve sexual health. Fish oil help overcome the root causes of inadequate sexual performance. It will not help from the very first dose, but one can see benefits on continuous use for three months.

What Can One Conclude About Fish Oil’s Role in Erectile Dysfunction?

Fish oil, due to its content of high-quality omega-3, will help improve cardiovascular and nerve health, thus directly and indirectly improving the quality of erection, boosting NO production in the penile tissue.

Fish oil can help overcome erectile dysfunction associated with obesity, metabolic disorder, hypertension, and reduced antioxidant intake (9).

Fish oil will work better for erectile dysfunction with broader changes in lifestyle, like reducing alcohol intake, giving up smoking, and increasing physical activity. It can boost much-needed antioxidant capabilities to fight stress (10).